Rosemount Irish Girls Golf Team Training

Our practices will focus on these aspects of golf:

The Fundamentals-
          - Grip
          - Stance
          - Posture
          - Alignment
          - Ball Position
          - A preshot routine that incorporates these elements

      Our goal: a repeating swing that delivers the desired result, no matter how it looks.
          - Club path
          - Angle of approach
          - Centeredness of contact
          - Face angle at impact

The Techniques-
Short Game (Controlling the trajectory and roll)
          - Putting
          - Chipping
          - Pitching
          - Sand
          - Approach Shots
          - Escape shots

      Full Swing (Controlling the trajectory and roll)
          - Rhythm
          - Balance
          - Fairway Shots
          - Tee Shots

The Skills of Competitive Golf-
Mental Toughness
          - Know your priorities (Be committed to what you value)
          - Be physically fit (Be an athlete)
          - Dealing with course conditions (Being prepared)
          - Dealing with expectations (Staying in the present)
          - Dealing with emotions  (Knowing yourself)
          - Dealing with distractions, including opponents (Staying focused)

      Course Strategy
          - Following the rules of golf  (Honesty)
          - Observing good golf etiquette (Respect)
          - Adjusting to conditions  (Being flexible)
          - Playing to position (Having a plan)
          - Escaping trouble (Adjusting the plan)
          - Learning to win  (Working the plan to success)

      Set goals to improve in each of these areas.
          - Have a dream.
          - Visualize exactly what you want to accomplish.  Make sure it is YOUR dream.
          - Create goals based on your dreams. 
          - Write it down.
          - Be specific.
          - It must be realistic and you must be able to measure your progress.
          - Put a date down to accomplish it.
          - Break every goal down into smaller parts.
          - Identify those people who can help you.
          - Readjust the goals as you go.  You change, so will your goals.


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