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Golf is a great sport, and each spring we want to create a team that competes well, improves a lot, and has a lot of fun being together.

If you are willing to commit to the four principles below, then you are right for this team.  We want girls on this team who have these goals in common with each other and are willing to make the effort necessary to achieve them.  We are inviting you to join this team only if you agree to:

  • be chemically free,
  • work hard,
  • be prepared (have everything at school that you’ll need for practice/matches), and
  • contribute to the positive atmosphere of this team.

Coaches-   Varsity Head Girls’ Golf Coach Barry Wallin,  (
                  Assistant Varsity/JV Coach Girls’ Golf Jacki Regalado  
                  Club Team Coach Ann Marie Kline (

Registration for spring sports at Rosemount High School begins online on FeePay beginning February 2. ALL STUDENTS MUST REGISTER before attending your first practice. Please complete the on-line registration prior to the beginning of the golf season.

Girls Golf Start Date: 

$175   (9th grade student-athletes pay $149.00 per sport.)
1. A cap of $385 will be set per individual student.
2. Fees will be waived for students qualifying for free & reduced meals and foreign exchange students.
3. After the first week, refunds will be given using athletic director’s discretion. (Injury, relocation of family, etc.)

Physical exams are required every three years. Please be sure a current physical is on file in the office. Contact your doctor’s office if necessary. Physicals are also available at:

  • Rosemount Chiropractic Center, 14450 South Robert Trail, Rosemount, MN. Please call 651-423-2251 for an appointment.
  • East Valley Chiropractic 14050 Pilot Knob Road, Suite 120,  Apple Valley, MN. Please call 952-423-5050 for an appointment.

The team:
The Rosemount Girls Golf team has two traveling teams and one in-house team.

Varsity and Junior Varsity -
The top six girls as determined by MSHSL scoring average (and qualifying score if two players are within one shot for the last spot) will play Varsity, with players #7 and #8 ready as alternates.  If any of the #1-#6 girls cannot play a match or tournament, the next girls will be asked in rank order starting with #7, the first alternate.  The Varsity team will always be made up of the best available players on a given day.  Players #1-#8 must always be available to play in all Lake Conference and Section 3AA practice rounds, matches, and tournaments.

The next six girls as determined by scoring average on a given day will play Junior Varsity.  If any of the #7-#12 girls cannot play a match or tournament, the next girls will be asked in rank order.  If players #7, #8, and #9 have been playing a lot of Varsity matches, they may elect not to play in a JV event.  A total of 18 girls will comprise the Varsity/JV team.  The Varsity and JV teams practice five days each week.

The Club Team -      
An in-house squad of six to eight of mostly first year girls’ golfers designed to prepare them for competitive golf on the Junior Varsity team.  The Club team practices 4 days a week.

Behavior Expectations: 
Each girl and each coach will create a positive team atmosphere by being prepared, dedicated, positive, safe, and by communicating well.   (See our Team Covenants for more details.)

Preseason Practice:  “Preparing You for Tryouts” 
Weeks 1 to 4. Practices are Monday-Friday. Attendance will be kept. 3 PM , team meeting, room N35 or Student Center.
Practice will then follow with a variety of the following sessions:

  • Technique development (short game and full swing)

  • “Rules of Golf” sessions

  • Strength-training or cardio work

  • Course strategy

  • Team-bonding activities

  • Goal-setting discussions

All of these practices are reuired.

Outdoor Preseason Practice: “Preparing You for Tryouts”               
Weeks 3 to 5.  This outdoor practice time will focus on preparing golfers to compete in golf.  Practices at Emerald Greens will start at 3:15 PM for all players.  A shuttle bus to the golf course will hopefully be provided this year for at least the first two weeks.  You will need to get a ride home from the golf course from your parents or a teammate.  Players are to use great care when driving their own vehicles, and will not drive carelessly or recklessly.

Tryouts:  “Deciding Who Makes Which Team”                                        
Week 4 or 5.  The first round of qualifying will be a single 9 hole round.  The top 18 to 22 golfers will be asked back for the second round of qualifying, which will consist of 2 more 9 hole rounds.  New foursomes will be assigned each day.  Your qualifying score will be the total of your best 2 out of 3 rounds.  The top six girls will be considered Varsity and the next ten to twelve girls will be considered JV.  The next eight to ten first year ninth or tenth graders will make the Club team.  Once the initial selections have been made, a player may be moved from one level to another in the best interests of the team at the discretion of the coaching staff. 

The Season:  “Representing Rosemount High School”                   
Weeks 6 through 10.  Our competitive season is short but busy.  Varsity players have an 18 hole out-of-school tournament every week, plus at least another 9-hole match.  Stay ahead of your studies.  Girls who have played 27 competitive holes in a week may use a scheduled practice to get caught up with school/life.  If you are scheduled to play in a match and are absent from school, immediately notify your coach personally.  Ask the secretary to patch you through to your coach’s room.  We must know early in the day in order to find a replacement for you.  All players will be required to ride school transportation to and from all away matches.  Rare exceptions may be granted. 

Golfers who play in 5 varsity matches, who shoot 3 varsity match rounds with an adjusted score of 50 or better for a 9 hole regulation course, who play in 3 varsity conference matches, or whose score counts for us at the region tournament will be considered by the coaching staff for a varsity letter.  When we win sections and advance to State, all players on Varsity and Junior Varsity will letter.  Good citizenship at RHS is always a factor in awarding a letter.  Any students with a MSHSL suspension will not be considered for a letter for a period of one year.  Any girl who gets a MSHSL violation in her junior or senior year forfeits any possibility of ever being named a captain for the RHS Girls' Golf team.

Fees and Equipment:
For 10th, 11th and 12th graders, the golf registration fee is $176. 
For 9th graders, the cost is $149. 

The Club team is a separate and self-supporting program.  All players on the Club team (grades 9–10) will have the same fees as Varsity/JV ($176 and $149).  

The Varsity and JV will also need to buy team shirts to be worn at matches. (approximately $30 per shirt).

Every Varsity and JV player needs a 54° to 56° sand wedge, a 5 or a 7 wood, and a quality putter.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

If you need clubs to use, the Coach Wallin does have some to lend.  If you already have clubs, please check the grips.  If they are worn and slippery, have them replaced them at a local golf shop ($5 a club on average).  If you want to buy a set of clubs, please check with me first.  I have information on low priced used or custom fit new clubs.

Dress appropriately.  Practices: Nice pants or appropriate-length shorts and a nice shirt.  Matches:  Khakis and a collared shirt.  No tight clothes.  Avoid low cut or wide-necked blouses. No bare midriffs, low rise jeans, spaghetti straps, or bras that show.  Wear tennis shoes in the gym.    Wear flat-bottomed shoes when we go to the course.  Have warm, waterproof clothing, a warm hat, and a good pair of waterproof, spikeless golf shoes.  Please see our handout on "What to Wear..."

Contact Coach Wallin at:
cell 651-245-5899

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